Moving discounts, coupons and deals

Moving discounts, coupons and deals can make your move a whole lot better, giving you more money in your pocket to take care of other things you need do in your new location.  We have search the web for you to provide one spot to locate general moving coupons for moving supplies  and moving truck rental coupons to use if you are going to rent a truck for your move.

Moving truck rental coupons

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1-800-Pack-Rat rental coupons

Moving Supplies Discounts

Uline shipping supplies coupons and deals

Discount Moving Boxes

All of the moving box companies offer boxes in different assortments and in different combination or kits.  Try to determine the boxes you will need before ordering.  Ordering in bulk can make it significantly cheaper on the shipping and the overall order.

  • Uhaul moving boxes – this site is easy to navigate.  They start you off with the moving box kits and as you scroll down you see individual types of boxes like mirror / picture  boxes, clothing boxes, kitchen moving boxes, electronic moving boxes, and the like.  A feature I really like on this site, is the ability to tweak the moving box kits to your liking.  You click on a kit and it gives you the default quantities for each box and supply.  Then you can change the quantity and the price updates right before your eyes.