Checklist for Changing Address: The Ultimate Guide

There are a lot of things you need to take care of when you move.  Somethings, like unpacking your extra boxes, can wait a little while.  Notifying others about you change of address is one of those things that just can’t wait.  We’ve put together this checklist for changing your address to help you make sure you notify all of the people and businesses you need to.

Post Office

The post office needs to know where you have moved to so they can get all of you mail to you.  You can go to the USPS website to notify them about your change of address.  As of this writing, there seems to be a small fee  of $1 when you submit the form online.  You can also call the post office and verify you new address over the phone.   You will have to pay a $1 for phone verification.  If you visit the post office in person, you shouldn’t have to pay the $1 verification fee.

The post office website says you can make a permanent address change or a temporary address change.  The temporary address change can last from 15 days to 1 year.

They also offer a premium forwarding service that allows you to have your mail collected by the USPS and shipped weekly via Priority Mail.


Notifying the IRS of your address change is extremely important.  Thankfully, there a few ways you can notify them.

When you file your taxes

You can notify the IRS of you address change when you file you tax return.  One of the questions they ask you is “has you address changed?”  If it has and you haven’t notified the IRS yet, you should fill out the section for change of address.  The downside to using this method is you have to wait until you are filing your taxes.

By Form

You can change you address with the IRS at any time by filling out Form 8822 for individuals and Form 8822-B for businesses.

In Writing

If forms really aren’t your thing, you can notify the IRS of you address change by writing in.  You will need to provide the following infomation:

  • Full name
  • Old and new addresses
  • Social security number, individual taxpayer identification number, or employer identification number
  • Signature

The IRS also encourages you to notify the post office, especially if you change of address happened after you filed your tax return and you are waiting on a return check.

Social Security Administration


The Social Security Administration provides a way for you to notify them of your address change on their website.  The process looks fairly simple.  First, create an account if you don’t have one already.  Next, login and clikck on My Profile.  Then select the Update Contact Information button and add you info.  Then, schedule when you want the information to update.  Finally, review and submit.

Electric Company

There are a few things you have to consider when notifying your electric company that you are changing your address.  First, you have to decide when you are moving out so you can notify your current electric company to shut your service off.  Before telling your current provider to shut the service off, you have to decide if you should leave the electricity on during and after your move.

If you have a lot of things to move and it will take you several days to move everything, you may want to keep the electricity.  Also, if you haven’t sold your home yet, you probably should leave the electricity on so the home can be cooled or heated while it is being shown to prospective buyers.

You also need to notify your new electric company with the date you want the electricity turned on in your new home.  You may need to put a deposit down and schedule new service ahead of time.

See wikipedia for a comprehensive list of power companies in the United States.

Gas Company

You can notify your gas company to shut the gas off as soon as you know the date your will move out.  The only thing to consider here is whether to keep it on for heating purposes if your home is still on the market.

Your new gas company may require a deposit and early notification to hook up the new service.

You can see a list of natural gas companies on wikipedia.

Phone Company

If you have a landline, you will need to contact your phone company with the date you are moving out.  If your home is still being shown to prospective buyers and you have an alarm that is being monitored, then you will need to leave the phone on until you sell your home.

Unless you are building a new home, you should probably have phone wires already connected to your new house.  Contact the phone company ahead of time so you can make sure you have service when you move in.

Cable Company

You probably won’t be watching much television while you are moving, so let the cable company know early about your address change.  This may net you a little spare change if you haven’t reach the end of the month.

When you move into your new house, you may or may not already have cable connected to the home.  Notify the cable company as soon as possible to limit any delays.

Internet Company

The internet seems to be vital to most of us these days.  If it is to you, then you will want to leave your service on until you move out of your old home.  You also need to make sure you contact your new provider before you move to be sure you have service as soon as you move in.

Water Company

Many water companies require a deposit when you start service.  Be sure to notify the water company the you will be moving to a new address.  If you are living in the same area, you may be able to transfer you account to the new address.  Just be sure to get your deposit back if you do shut off the service.

Home Insurance

If you presently have homeowner’s insurance, your premium will be prorated when you sell your home.  If there is a balance due to you, be sure to let the insurance company know about your new address so they can mail you a check.


Notifying your employer employer early can be an immient help to you.  Your employer can help you transfer to another location if they have one available.  Many companies also have people dedicated to helping their employees find work in a new area; even if it is with another company.

If you are staying in the same area and will not have to switch jobs, notify your employer with your new address so your check and other job related mail can reach you.


Your bank needs to be notified so there records reflect what is on your identification.  Your id has to match your bank account or you may not be able to do transactions in the bank.  Speak to your local banker to find out when is the right time to update your bank account with your new address.

Also, the bank needs your correct address so they can mail debit cards, checks, and other items to you.

Credit Card Company

Your credit card company will send your statements to the address on file.  Your address is also used to verify your identity when you are applying for a new credit card.  Contact your credit card company to find out what is the right way to notify them of your address change.

Usually you can notify your credit card company by mail, phone, or through their website.

Health Insurance

Most health insurance is through an individuals employer.  Don’t assume your address has been updated with your health insurance company just because you updated it with your employer.  Contact your health insurance company to verify they have received the change.

Your health insurance company needs your correct address so they can mail your statements and id cards.  Also, if your address is not correct on your account, you may have trouble when you go to the doctor’s office.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance, like health insurance, is usually through your employer.  Be sure that your dental insurance company has the right information in your file.  Don’t expect it to be update by your employer.

Life Insurance

You buy life insurance to protect your family in case something happens to you.  The life insurance company needs to have your correct address on file so it can identify you.  They also need to have your correct address so they can know how the laws will affect your policy if you move to a new state.

Car Insurance

Your car insurance premuims are partly determined by the area you live in.   You can move just a few miles away and see your premuims change.  Be sure to get a quote from your insurance company for your new address.  You may want to shop around to see what different rates you can get.

Retirement Accounts

Notify your retirement accounts so you can receive your statements an your new address.

Mortgage Company

If you are selling your home, you may need to let the old mortgage company know your new address so they can send you any final statements and letters.

If you are moving to a new address, but are keeping your old home (either as a second home or rental), you need to let the mortgage company know where to send your bills and other correspondance.


Your accontant need to know your new address so he can put the right information on your tax returns and other documents.  You should let your account know early if you are moving to another state.  Your taxes could be affected by your move.  You need to notify your account so he can give you an assessment of how your taxes will be affected.

Retail Clubs

If you are a member of Sam’s, Costco, or another national retail club.  You should update your address to receive sales and renewal material.  Also, update your address so that any order you make are sent to the right location.

Not having the correct address on file with your retail club should affect your shopping in a the local branch in the area you move to.


Notify your church so any tax documents and other information can reach you.

Ecommerce sites

Ecommerce sites need to have your correct address on file so your shipments go to the right place.  You also will need to update the address on your payment information.  You should coordinate the payment update with your credit card company and bank to make sure they match.

Streaming Services

Your streaming service shouldn’t be affected by your change of address.  But, you do need to update your payment information to reflect what is on file with your credit card company or bank.

Payment Providers

Payment providers like Paypal and Stripe need to have your correct address for identification.  If  there is a mismatch between what they have on file and what your financial institutions have on file, you may have trouble depositing or withdrawing money from your account.


Your doctors need to be notified of your new address so that vital records and correspondance can reach you promptly.  You should be able to change your address by contacting them over the phone or at one of your appointments.  Also, your correct address is needed for billing and insurance charges.


Like your doctors, your dentist needs your correct address to send records and for billing to be completed.


If you are buying a new home or selling a home, your lawyer will need to know the correct addresses.  You also need to let your lawyer know of your address change if they are managing any trust, beneficiary document, wills, or the like for you.


Your veterinarian is like your doctor only for your pet.  Your vet needs to have your correct address to send records, bills, and other information to you.


Of course, your family needs to know where you are moving to.  The best way to let them know the exact location is to have a house warming party.


The DMV need to know where you live so your vehicle registrations can be changed.  You also will have to get a new driver’s license with your new address on it.

Voter Registration

You will have to update your voter registration will your new address.  This will probably cause you to have to vote in a new place.

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