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Organizing a Move – Five Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions you will have when you are moving. Getting answers to these questions will help you complete your move easier. One of the most important task in moving is organizing your things. How and where to start, as well as, following the right path once you have begun are all keys to having a successful move. The following is a list of five frequently asked questions about organizing a move.

What should you do first to get your move in order?

You should separate all of your belongs and determine what you will keep. If you skip this step the rest of the process will suffer.

How should you separate your things?

You should start by separating your things by size. Use your different bedrooms to sort them. Take out anything that you do not intend to keep and get rid of it. This will help you determine the number of boxes and what size truck you will need to move.

Should you use your own vehicle or rent a truck?

There are a few factors that play into whether you should use your own vehicle or rent one. First, is your car big enough to fit everything in or are you moving close by that you can make multiple trips? Do you want to put the wear and tear on your vehicle? Although you can fit the things in your car, the weight and movement of your stuff my do some damage it.

Should you hire a professional?

Hire a professional allows you to pass off the loading, unloading, and transport tasks. But you will have to spend some time researching the different companies. You also will spend more money.

Where can you find more help with organizing your move?

The Internet is the first place you can look for help with your move. Search moving sites and forums for advice. Next, you can talk to your local truck rental company for info. They usually have guides that will help you decide on which size truck to use and which packing supplies you will need. Finally, you can check with your real estate agent for some extra tips.

Before you start your move, be sure to ask yourself these questions and any others that would help you in moving. Be sure to think about planning and streamlining the process. Also, consider the cost for each of the different scenarios. And make sure you start early.

Can You Pass the Quiz on How to Organize a Move to a New Home?

Organizing anything can seem hard. If you are moving it can seem whole house hard. Moving all of your belongings is a cumbersome task, but if you organize everything you can make it a lot easier on yourself.

I have put together a short quiz that will help you see what your understanding of moving organization is and to show you that a few preparatory steps can save you loads of time. See how you do with the quiz?

1. What is the best way to organize your things?

a. by color

b. by size

c. by shape

d. by room

The answer is “b”. First, organizing by color or shape not help you in any way. Organizing by room appears to be a likely solution and is viable, but it is not the best solution. Organizing by separating different size things into different rooms will give you a good picture of all you own.

2. What are the different ways you can move?

a. Use your own vehicle

b. Rent a truck

c. Hire a professional moving company

d. All of the above

The answer is “d”. There are really are no restrictions on the avenue you choose to move. There are also additional service you can use like storage, trains, boats, and planes. The specific way you move will be determined by your unique situation. Do you have the physical ability to move everything? Is there enough time for you to move it all? You should come up with a set of questions that works through your scenario and that will ultimately guide you into the right decision to make.

3. Where can you find information to help you in packing and unpacking your rental truck? (Choose all that apply)

a. The police department

b. The Internet

c. A truck rental company

d. A real estate agent

In most cases, “b, c, and d” are all good choices. The police department is burdened with solving crimes and other police activities and should not be bothered with your move unless someone is doing something that my be illegal or dangerous. The Internet is the ultimate source of information and will always provide helpful tips. A truck rental company is in the business of loading and unloading trucks, so they will be able to help you. Real estate agents, although not all of them, have been involved with many moves and will be able to provide assistance.

Understanding these few questions in this quiz should give you good running room to plan you move in an organized way. This will save you money and time.

Refrigerated Truck Rental

If you are moving something that needs to be refrigerated and you are only moving it once, or if you are getting into a business that will only need to use a refrigerated truck every so often, then you should get a refrigerated truck rental.  A refrigerated truck rental will be better for you because they are expensive to buy, they must be maintained, and you must run them often of you could risk the refrigeration motor seizing.

Buying a refrigerated truck will cost you a significant amount of money.  Trucks are expensive as it is, but when you add an insulated box and a refrigeration unit to it, it is going to be very expensive.  Also, you will not want to use the truck for none refrigerated stuff because you risk damaging the truck with something that it was not intended to carry and it is going to burn more gas than a truck its size that doesn’t have a refrigerated box on it.

Refrigerated trucks require additional maintenance.  The inside of the refrigerated box must be kept clean and dry.  Moisture and dirt could cause mold to grow which may cause a health hazard.  The refrigeration unit must also be maintained.  The unit should be serviced every year.  If a part breaks, like a fan motor, it could cost you a lot.  You must also maintain a clean filter or you will cause the unit to work harder than it should and eventually you will damage it.

Like any motor, you must keep it operational. This requires running it often to keep the parts inside the motor from locking up.  Basically, the parts become “frozen” together and cannot move when you try to start it.  If the parts are then force to move, they could break.  The best way to keep this from happening is to run the motor often.

If you are going to use a refrigerated truck regularly, you should invest in one.  But, if you only need to use one sometimes, it will be best if you get a refrigerated truck rental.  You will save on the cost of buying and maintaining it.

Pickup Truck Rental Unlimited Mileage

When you rent a pickup truck do you need one with unlimited mileage? There are a lot of factors at play when making that decision. I would like to give you some tips that may help you make up your mind.

I have helped many people move. Everyone has an idea of how much stuff they have and how much effort it will take to move it, including how many trips it will take. If you have this all figured out then you can definitely make a determination as to how many miles you are going to drive when you rent a pickup truck. But if you end up making more trips than you originally estimated, you will pay more.

To determine if you need a truck rental with unlimited mileage, calculate how much stuff you have to move. Divide everything into potential truck loads. Look carefully at how you divide it up and make sure it will fit.

It is not really good to over or under estimate. If you decide to pay by the mile and over estimate, then you will not get a refund and will have paid too much. If you don’t pay for enough miles and have selected to pay by the mile, then you will pay a premium for the extra miles you drive in the pickup.

Conversely, if you go with a pickup truck rental unlimited mileage and only use a small amount of miles, you may be over paying. You should calculate all of the possible scenarios and determine which will be most beneficial to you. Also, be sure to include the cost of gas or diesel in your computation. Although diesel cost more than gas in most places, diesel can pull heavier loads more efficiently.

Another thing to look at in determining whether you should pay by the mile or get an unlimited mileage pickup rental is the possible routes you will take to move. Some routes are longer than other, so you should use mapping software to determine which is the shortest. You also should check with the department of transportation in the areas where you will be traveling to see if there will be any road closers. One road closer could cost you big time if you are paying by the mile.

When you are renting the pickup truck you will have to sign a contract. Make sure you understand all of the terms before you sign it or you could end up paying for some extra miles, even if you thought the rental was an unlimited mileage rental.

Another option is to rent a van to move your things.

Lift Gate Truck Rental

A lift gate truck rental can be a big help if you need to load and unload very heavy things on to the truck.  You can rent lift gate trucks with or without a ramp.  I have a few stories about times I should have had a lift gate truck and I didn’t.

I remember when I was younger I helped my cousins husband move somethings.  I drove my truck to the house they were moving from and someone helped me put the washer and dryer onto the truck.  I drove to their new house and got her husband.  He was a really big fellow.  He custom built motorcycles and was fairly strong.  I figured the two of us could get these appliances down without much trouble.  But I did warn him that they were heavy and that we should be careful.  He went out the house before I did.

When I came out of the house to help him unload the washer and dryer, I was shock to see him bear hugging the washing machine as it sat on the edge of the tailgate of my truck.  I figured there was no way he was going to move it by himself, but that’s just what he did.  I would not have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.  He lifted that washer off of the truck and carried it across the yard and brought it into the house.  He was like a lift gate.

The next time I should have had a lift gate truck rental was when I moved a huge refrigerator.  I strapped it to a hand truck and a friend and I put it on my pickup truck.  The problem I had was that there was not going to be anyone at my destination to help me get it off the truck.  I was sure I could do it by myself without damaging the refrigerator.

When I got to the new house I really wasn’t sure how I was going to get it down.  I decided I would hold the handles of the hand truck and lower it down.  Well, this didn’t work out to well.  I started to slide the refrigerator down the tail gate when I realized it was much heavier than I had thought.  It was too late by this time, it was headed for the ground.  The hand tuck slipped from my hands and the refrigerator slammed to ground.

15 Passenger Van Rental

If you need a 15 passenger van rental, you will want to read this story before you make your decision.  My mom used to drive a 15 passenger van as the bus for my elementary school.  We would get up very early in the morning and set out to pick up all of the other students in a 10 mile radius from the school.  We didn’t really like it, but it was the way my mom paid for us to attend private school.

As we got older, we changed schools and my mom stopped driving the 15 passenger van.  And if we had boat loads of money after those early years, my story about a passenger van would end here.  But, that is not the case.  You see there was a time when we should have went to a local rental place and ordered a 15 passenger van rental and we didn’t.  No, my dad, bless his heart, he had different plans; and now that I am older and understand money more than I did then, I understand why he did what he did.

We would take little trips every now and then, but they were just an hour or so away.  This only required that we bring some clothing and a few toys because the campgrounds had plenty of equipment and activities for use to do.  One Summer, my parents decided that we were not going to take the usual one hour drive to our favorite place, but we instead where going on a twelve hour excursion.  Now I knew we didn’t have the vehicle for that kind of journey and thought that renting a van like a 15 passenger van rental would be perfect for our family.  Boy, was I in for a surprise when I learned of my dad’s plans.

My dad was a builder, and engineer of sorts.  He worked in carpentry and construction most of his life.  He also like to tinker with inventions.  So, his modifications to the old van that he purchased from a guy in the neighborhood shouldn’t have a shock to me, but they were.  First, as he drove the van home, he notice that there were many air leaks in the body of the van that caused a high whistling sound.  The van had formally been a 15 passenger van rental, owned by a rental company and bought by the owner who sold it to us.  He, the previous owner, ripped the seats and interior out to take the van from a 15 passenger van rental to a cargo van fitted for construction.

He used it like this for six years; banging and denting the body up with all of his tools, lumber, and equipment.  What my dad had purchased was the remnant of a battle worn 15 passenger van rental combined with a work truck.  So, his first task was to seal up all those leaks.  My dad, being the master at modification,  went to work.  I still remember the first time I saw all of that expanded yellow foam all over the van where the 15 people used to sit and enjoy there ride in its rental days.  To me, it looked like yellow lava had oozed out of the crevices and hardened into rock.

Now, like most people would do, my dad tuned the engine, had us wash the the outside, and then began to load it starting from the back.  It was loaded with luggage, toys, a barbecue pit, bikes, baseball equipment, and various other things we need for our two week stay away from home.  As you would expect, we helped him load everything in to the van.  What became a lingering question in my mind was, “Where are we going to sit?”  There where two captain’s chairs in the front for my mom and dad to sit in, but none for me and my brothers.  There was only one full row where the 15 passenger van seats used to be and a three feet by three feet hole on the side of all of our stuff.

Before I go any further,  you have to take into consideration that this was before many states had instituted mandatory seat belt laws, and most people felt that riding with out a seat belt was relatively safe.  Now back to the story.  In a 15 passenger van rental, the seats are bolted down the floor for safety.  You would think, and I would say you were right in thinking so, that we would have gotten a 15 passenger van seat and bolted that sucker to the bottom of the van.  Well, my dad did what any red blooded American with ingenuity would do.  He took our folding lawn chairs, stuffed one into the hole among our things and put the other three between the front seat and all of our things.  He then weaved a strap through each of them and secured to the side of the van.  We rocked and swayed our way all the way to that mountain cabin many miles away from home.  I can still remember it like it was yesterday.  My dad has gone home to be with Jesus now, but I will never forget his version of a 15 passenger van rental and our trip across country.

15 Passenger Van Rental

P.S.  My advice to you would be to cough up the dough and get a 15 passenger van rental.  It will be well worth the money and a whole lot safer than the contraption we used.

Truck Rental Unlimited Mileage

Choosing to get a truck rental unlimited mileage is going to save you a lot of money if you are moving across country.  Truck rentals com in a variety of sizes from small, big enough for a one bedroom apartment, to very large, big enough to move an entire house.  Whatever you are moving, an unlimited mileage truck rental will give you the best value.

Various forms of truck rentals

Trucks can be rented in three various ways.  You can rent a truck with unlimited mileage.  A second method is to rent a truck with a pay by the mile policy.  The third method is to pay by the hour for your truck rental.

Truck Rental Unlimited Mileage

An unlimited mileage truck rental allows you to pay one price and drive the truck as much as you want.  The good thing about having unlimited miles is that it lets you go over you estimated miles without any extra fees being tacked on.  Let’s say you have calculated you move to be between 350 to 400 miles.  If you have gotten the numbers right and don’t deviate from the route, then you may be able to save by paying for the exact mileage.  But let’s say there is some construction on the highway you planned to take and you don’t find out about it until you are sitting in traffic and being detoured to an alternative route which will add 5o more miles to your route.  If you have an unlimited mileage truck rental, you will not have to worry about the extra miles.  If you are paying by the mile, you will probable have to fork out some extra money.

Truck Rental Pay by the Mile vs Unlimited Mileage

Contrast getting an truck rental with unlimited mileage with a pay by the hour contract.  When you pay by the mile, you have to calculate the distance you are moving and then pay for the exact miles you are going to drive.  If you go over your pre-purchased miles you will have an additional fee to pay when you return the truck rental.  Paying for too many miles, on the other hand, will cost you also.  If you calculated your drive would be 500 miles and then you only drive 400 miles, you will have paid for 100 extra miles.  The over payment under most pay by mile contracts is non-refundable.  With an unlimited mileage truck rental you would be safe.

Unlimited Mileage Truck Rental vs Pay by the Hour

Pay by the hour truck rental does not compare to an unlimited mileage truck rental when you are talking about moving across country.  Pay by the hour truck rentals are good for doing local moves or picking up something from a local store that you want to deliver yourself.  Pay by the hour rentals are better compared to pay by the mile truck rentals and both are well suited for short moves.

A truck rental unlimited mileage is best for a move across country.  It gives you the liberty to adjust your route, whether you are detoured because of construction or you want to make a stop at a theme park.

Cargo Van Rental Unlimited Mileage

If you are going to rent a cargo van your best bet is to rent a cargo van with unlimited mileage. Cargo vans are good for moving small – medium rooms, small apartments, lots of boxes, and a whole array of nicknack stuff.

Different types of cargo van rentals

Cargo vans can be rented usually in three different ways. The first way is to rent it by the hour. The second way to pay by the mile. The third way is to rent a cargo van with unlimited mileage.

Rent by the hour

You will find that there are some companies that will rent by the hour and others that won’t. You will have to call around and see who offers this rental option if you are considering it. Renting a cargo van by the hour is convenient if you are only moving a few small loads between locations that are nearby.

Pay by the mile

With pay by the mile plans, you can have a straight x-amount of dollars per mile contract or buy the initial miles in a bulk lot and pay if you go over the limit. It is kind of like a cell phone contract. For example, you get 400 miles for $500 dollars, then each mile after that is priced per mile or sold in separate blocks. This method of renting a cargo van can be good if you know close to the exact amount of miles you will need to travel. The thing you have to be careful with is that you can over or under estimate. If you overestimate the miles then you will have wasted miles and money. The same is true if you underestimate, but many time the premium on the miles over is far greater than the price per mile in the initial block of miles purchased. This is purposely done so that you will buy more miles than need so that you don’t accidently go over. If you can find a contract that lets you roll into the next block of miles just by the occurence of the miles going over without incurring any penalty fees than this will provide you the most value. Also keep in mind that renting a cargo van by the mile works best if you are going to return the cargo van to the location you rented it from. If you are making a one way cargo van rental, then you will have to pay a premium for not returning the cargo van to its original location.

One Way Moving Truck Rental

In many cases, you do not want to return to your point of origin after moving.  This is when you will need a one way moving truck rental.  This type of rental allows you to move your things, usually a great distance, and not return the truck to the place you picked it up.

National truck rental companies offer this service.  The price will vary depending on where you are picking the truck up and where you will be leaving it.  You may want to check with the truck rental company to see if you can pick up or drop off in a location that is a little further than your exact moving from or to location.  This may save you some money.

Moving Truck Insurance

When you are moving, it is vital that you protect yourself and your property.  Moving truck insurance can be confusing.  If you are using a moving company, they should have insurance, but don’t assume that everything is covered; ask to be sure.  If you are renting a truck, then you should ask the rental company for insurance.  Your personal insurance, in some states, give you coverage, but it may not be enough or the right type of coverage.  Check with your insurance provider to be sure that the rental truck is covered.

Be sure the following is protected by your moving truck insurance

  • Bodily injury to yourself or someone else
  • The rental truck if it is hit by someone
  • If you hit someone or something
  • All of you content
  • If a driver hits you and they are not insured
  • Theft

Also, you have to remember that some states are “no fault states”, like Hawaii, or may have limited laws.  You will need to understand the insurance laws in the states you will be passing through if you want to be thorough.