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Checklist for Changing Address: The Ultimate Guide

There are a lot of things you need to take care of when you move.  Somethings, like unpacking your extra boxes, can wait a little while.  Notifying others about you change of address is one of those things that just can’t wait.  We’ve put together this checklist for changing your address to help you make sure you notify all of the people and businesses you need to.

Post Office

The post office needs to know where you have moved to so they can get all of you mail to you.  You can go to the USPS website to notify them about your change of address.  As of this writing, there seems to be a small fee  of $1 when you submit the form online.  You can also call the post office and verify you new address over the phone.   You will have to pay a $1 for phone verification.  If you visit the post office in person, you shouldn’t have to pay the $1 verification fee.

The post office website says you can make a permanent address change or a temporary address change.  The temporary address change can last from 15 days to 1 year.

They also offer a premium forwarding service that allows you to have your mail collected by the USPS and shipped weekly via Priority Mail.


Notifying the IRS of your address change is extremely important.  Thankfully, there a few ways you can notify them.

When you file your taxes

You can notify the IRS of you address change when you file you tax return.  One of the questions they ask you is “has you address changed?”  If it has and you haven’t notified the IRS yet, you should fill out the section for change of address.  The downside to using this method is you have to wait until you are filing your taxes.

By Form

You can change you address with the IRS at any time by filling out Form 8822 for individuals and Form 8822-B for businesses.

In Writing

If forms really aren’t your thing, you can notify the IRS of you address change by writing in.  You will need to provide the following infomation:

  • Full name
  • Old and new addresses
  • Social security number, individual taxpayer identification number, or employer identification number
  • Signature

The IRS also encourages you to notify the post office, especially if you change of address happened after you filed your tax return and you are waiting on a return check.

Social Security Administration


The Social Security Administration provides a way for you to notify them of your address change on their website.  The process looks fairly simple.  First, create an account if you don’t have one already.  Next, login and clikck on My Profile.  Then select the Update Contact Information button and add you info.  Then, schedule when you want the information to update.  Finally, review and submit.

Electric Company

There are a few things you have to consider when notifying your electric company that you are changing your address.  First, you have to decide when you are moving out so you can notify your current electric company to shut your service off.  Before telling your current provider to shut the service off, you have to decide if you should leave the electricity on during and after your move.

If you have a lot of things to move and it will take you several days to move everything, you may want to keep the electricity.  Also, if you haven’t sold your home yet, you probably should leave the electricity on so the home can be cooled or heated while it is being shown to prospective buyers.

You also need to notify your new electric company with the date you want the electricity turned on in your new home.  You may need to put a deposit down and schedule new service ahead of time.

See wikipedia for a comprehensive list of power companies in the United States.

Gas Company

You can notify your gas company to shut the gas off as soon as you know the date your will move out.  The only thing to consider here is whether to keep it on for heating purposes if your home is still on the market.

Your new gas company may require a deposit and early notification to hook up the new service.

You can see a list of natural gas companies on wikipedia.

Phone Company

If you have a landline, you will need to contact your phone company with the date you are moving out.  If your home is still being shown to prospective buyers and you have an alarm that is being monitored, then you will need to leave the phone on until you sell your home.

Unless you are building a new home, you should probably have phone wires already connected to your new house.  Contact the phone company ahead of time so you can make sure you have service when you move in.

Cable Company

You probably won’t be watching much television while you are moving, so let the cable company know early about your address change.  This may net you a little spare change if you haven’t reach the end of the month.

When you move into your new house, you may or may not already have cable connected to the home.  Notify the cable company as soon as possible to limit any delays.

Internet Company

The internet seems to be vital to most of us these days.  If it is to you, then you will want to leave your service on until you move out of your old home.  You also need to make sure you contact your new provider before you move to be sure you have service as soon as you move in.

Water Company

Many water companies require a deposit when you start service.  Be sure to notify the water company the you will be moving to a new address.  If you are living in the same area, you may be able to transfer you account to the new address.  Just be sure to get your deposit back if you do shut off the service.

Home Insurance

If you presently have homeowner’s insurance, your premium will be prorated when you sell your home.  If there is a balance due to you, be sure to let the insurance company know about your new address so they can mail you a check.


Notifying your employer employer early can be an immient help to you.  Your employer can help you transfer to another location if they have one available.  Many companies also have people dedicated to helping their employees find work in a new area; even if it is with another company.

If you are staying in the same area and will not have to switch jobs, notify your employer with your new address so your check and other job related mail can reach you.


Your bank needs to be notified so there records reflect what is on your identification.  Your id has to match your bank account or you may not be able to do transactions in the bank.  Speak to your local banker to find out when is the right time to update your bank account with your new address.

Also, the bank needs your correct address so they can mail debit cards, checks, and other items to you.

Credit Card Company

Your credit card company will send your statements to the address on file.  Your address is also used to verify your identity when you are applying for a new credit card.  Contact your credit card company to find out what is the right way to notify them of your address change.

Usually you can notify your credit card company by mail, phone, or through their website.

Health Insurance

Most health insurance is through an individuals employer.  Don’t assume your address has been updated with your health insurance company just because you updated it with your employer.  Contact your health insurance company to verify they have received the change.

Your health insurance company needs your correct address so they can mail your statements and id cards.  Also, if your address is not correct on your account, you may have trouble when you go to the doctor’s office.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance, like health insurance, is usually through your employer.  Be sure that your dental insurance company has the right information in your file.  Don’t expect it to be update by your employer.

Life Insurance

You buy life insurance to protect your family in case something happens to you.  The life insurance company needs to have your correct address on file so it can identify you.  They also need to have your correct address so they can know how the laws will affect your policy if you move to a new state.

Car Insurance

Your car insurance premuims are partly determined by the area you live in.   You can move just a few miles away and see your premuims change.  Be sure to get a quote from your insurance company for your new address.  You may want to shop around to see what different rates you can get.

Retirement Accounts

Notify your retirement accounts so you can receive your statements an your new address.

Mortgage Company

If you are selling your home, you may need to let the old mortgage company know your new address so they can send you any final statements and letters.

If you are moving to a new address, but are keeping your old home (either as a second home or rental), you need to let the mortgage company know where to send your bills and other correspondance.


Your accontant need to know your new address so he can put the right information on your tax returns and other documents.  You should let your account know early if you are moving to another state.  Your taxes could be affected by your move.  You need to notify your account so he can give you an assessment of how your taxes will be affected.

Retail Clubs

If you are a member of Sam’s, Costco, or another national retail club.  You should update your address to receive sales and renewal material.  Also, update your address so that any order you make are sent to the right location.

Not having the correct address on file with your retail club should affect your shopping in a the local branch in the area you move to.


Notify your church so any tax documents and other information can reach you.

Ecommerce sites

Ecommerce sites need to have your correct address on file so your shipments go to the right place.  You also will need to update the address on your payment information.  You should coordinate the payment update with your credit card company and bank to make sure they match.

Streaming Services

Your streaming service shouldn’t be affected by your change of address.  But, you do need to update your payment information to reflect what is on file with your credit card company or bank.

Payment Providers

Payment providers like Paypal and Stripe need to have your correct address for identification.  If  there is a mismatch between what they have on file and what your financial institutions have on file, you may have trouble depositing or withdrawing money from your account.


Your doctors need to be notified of your new address so that vital records and correspondance can reach you promptly.  You should be able to change your address by contacting them over the phone or at one of your appointments.  Also, your correct address is needed for billing and insurance charges.


Like your doctors, your dentist needs your correct address to send records and for billing to be completed.


If you are buying a new home or selling a home, your lawyer will need to know the correct addresses.  You also need to let your lawyer know of your address change if they are managing any trust, beneficiary document, wills, or the like for you.


Your veterinarian is like your doctor only for your pet.  Your vet needs to have your correct address to send records, bills, and other information to you.


Of course, your family needs to know where you are moving to.  The best way to let them know the exact location is to have a house warming party.


The DMV need to know where you live so your vehicle registrations can be changed.  You also will have to get a new driver’s license with your new address on it.

Voter Registration

You will have to update your voter registration will your new address.  This will probably cause you to have to vote in a new place.

How To Distinguish Good Moving Companies From Bad Ones

You go online and search ‘Moving Companies.’  You get back hundreds of results.  How do you determine which ones are good and which ones are not.  You could assume that if they are listed higher in the search results, then they must be good.  But this won’t work because the search results are not always a good indicator of what is good.

You also could try review sites.  There are free and paid sites you can look through to try and get a feel for what a company is really like.  The problem with this is, a lot of people don’t leave reviews.  Also, review sites can be gamed by unscrupulous companies to make it look like they have done an excellent job.

If you have friends and family that have recently made a move, you can ask them who they used.  But how many of us have close friends and family that have just moved.

More than likely, after you do an initial search, you are going to be left with a list of moving companies that you know absolutely nothing about.  So, how do you determine which ones are good and which ones are not.

  • Have a local office
  • Website
  • Timely response
  • Offer quotes
  • Accept multiple forms of payment
  • Offer references

Have a local office

Any good company is going to have a local office that you can visit.  If you contact a company and they say they are located out of state or don’t allow outside visitors, you should not do business with them.

Once you confirm they have a local office, you should visit it.  You will be able to learn a lot about the company when you go to their office.  By looking at the outside and inside of the building, you can see how they treat their own belongings.  If everything is shabby, you can expect they won’t think much of your stuff when they are handling it.  On the other hand, if everything is taken care of well, you can hope they will handle your things with the same care.


Every real company should have a website.  If a moving company doesn’t have a website, you should for another company.  This is not to be judgmental.  But, you have to ask yourself, “Why don’t they have a site?”  If they can’t afford one, then you definitely don’t want to do business with them.

The website can also be an indicator of the quality they offer.  If the site is broken or just not designed well, you can assume that they don’t pay attention to details.  When someone if moving you stuff, you need them to pay attention to details.

A word of warning, the testimonials on a website or that they company presents to you on paper are selected by the company.  This means they are only showing what they want you to see.

Timely response

If they don’t respond to you when it comes to the little things, like returning phone calls, they won’t respond when it comes to delivering your furniture.  You need a company that is punctual.  You need to get them to commit to a schedule and guarantee they will keep it.

Offer quotes

All good companies offer quotes.  You need to know how much it cost before you make a decision.  One of the best ways to do this is to get quotes from multiple companies.  If the company you are thinking about using is higher than the other, ask them why.  They may have valid reasons for being high.  If they reasons a not good, you will have to decide is it worth it to pay more for their services.

On the flip side, you don’t want to choose a company base solely on price.  This could get you in a world of trouble.

Whichever way you decide to go, you want to make sure you know all of the cost before signing a contract.  You need everything spelled out so that there is nothing left unknown to you or them.  You may want to have an attorney look over the moving contract before signing it.

Accept multiple forms of payment

If a company says they only accept cash, you don’t want to do business with them.  All real moving companies have bank accounts and can accept checks.  If they say they don’t accept checks because they can’t verify them, they are lying.  All checks can be validated.  If a company is worried about that, they can use a validation service that guarantees the check or they can wait for the check to clear before they will move.

If you turn your cash over to someone that you have not thoroughly verified, you may never see it again.

Offer references

One of the best ways to determine how good a company works is to ask for references.  You want to get references for three people that were satisfied and three people that were not satisfied.  If they company says they don’t give out references, then they have not done their due diligence to make sure they can provide you with good, independent reviews.

Choosing a moving company is a big deal.  You will spend a good bit of time and money with them.  More importantly, you are going to trust them with moving all of your belonging in and out of you new home.  Choosing the wrong company could end up costing you significantly.  Choosing the right company will make you life, during your move, a whole lot easier.

Take your time.  Do some good research. Ask as many questions as you need to.  Only after you are satisfied with all of the answers give, should you move forward with hiring a moving company.

Organizing a Move – Five Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions you will have when you are moving. Getting answers to these questions will help you complete your move easier. One of the most important task in moving is organizing your things. How and where to start, as well as, following the right path once you have begun are all keys to having a successful move. The following is a list of five frequently asked questions about organizing a move.

What should you do first to get your move in order?

You should separate all of your belongs and determine what you will keep. If you skip this step the rest of the process will suffer.

How should you separate your things?

You should start by separating your things by size. Use your different bedrooms to sort them. Take out anything that you do not intend to keep and get rid of it. This will help you determine the number of boxes and what size truck you will need to move.

Should you use your own vehicle or rent a truck?

There are a few factors that play into whether you should use your own vehicle or rent one. First, is your car big enough to fit everything in or are you moving close by that you can make multiple trips? Do you want to put the wear and tear on your vehicle? Although you can fit the things in your car, the weight and movement of your stuff my do some damage it.

Should you hire a professional?

Hire a professional allows you to pass off the loading, unloading, and transport tasks. But you will have to spend some time researching the different companies. You also will spend more money.

Where can you find more help with organizing your move?

The Internet is the first place you can look for help with your move. Search moving sites and forums for advice. Next, you can talk to your local truck rental company for info. They usually have guides that will help you decide on which size truck to use and which packing supplies you will need. Finally, you can check with your real estate agent for some extra tips.

Before you start your move, be sure to ask yourself these questions and any others that would help you in moving. Be sure to think about planning and streamlining the process. Also, consider the cost for each of the different scenarios. And make sure you start early.

Can You Pass the Quiz on How to Organize a Move to a New Home?

Organizing anything can seem hard. If you are moving it can seem whole house hard. Moving all of your belongings is a cumbersome task, but if you organize everything you can make it a lot easier on yourself.

I have put together a short quiz that will help you see what your understanding of moving organization is and to show you that a few preparatory steps can save you loads of time. See how you do with the quiz?

1. What is the best way to organize your things?

a. by color

b. by size

c. by shape

d. by room

The answer is “b”. First, organizing by color or shape not help you in any way. Organizing by room appears to be a likely solution and is viable, but it is not the best solution. Organizing by separating different size things into different rooms will give you a good picture of all you own.

2. What are the different ways you can move?

a. Use your own vehicle

b. Rent a truck

c. Hire a professional moving company

d. All of the above

The answer is “d”. There are really are no restrictions on the avenue you choose to move. There are also additional service you can use like storage, trains, boats, and planes. The specific way you move will be determined by your unique situation. Do you have the physical ability to move everything? Is there enough time for you to move it all? You should come up with a set of questions that works through your scenario and that will ultimately guide you into the right decision to make.

3. Where can you find information to help you in packing and unpacking your rental truck? (Choose all that apply)

a. The police department

b. The Internet

c. A truck rental company

d. A real estate agent

In most cases, “b, c, and d” are all good choices. The police department is burdened with solving crimes and other police activities and should not be bothered with your move unless someone is doing something that my be illegal or dangerous. The Internet is the ultimate source of information and will always provide helpful tips. A truck rental company is in the business of loading and unloading trucks, so they will be able to help you. Real estate agents, although not all of them, have been involved with many moves and will be able to provide assistance.

Understanding these few questions in this quiz should give you good running room to plan you move in an organized way. This will save you money and time.

Moving to Europe from the USA

Moving to Europe from the USA can be an exciting experience, but you have  to take somethings into consideration.  You are still a citizen of the United States.  Europe is not one big country like the United States.  The laws are different from the US no matter which country you decide to move to.  Also, you will be far away from family.  Finally, you may not have the same conveniences that you have in the US.

Every year thousands of American citizens visit countries all over Europe.  They take in the beautiful scenery and are sweep off of their feet.  Many get the itch to move to Europe.  Some decide to make that journey.  I assume, if you are reading this, that you are at least thinking of moving to Europe from the USA.

One thing you have to remember, if you are from the United States, is you are still a citizen of the US unless you obtain citizenship in the new country you are moving to and relinquish you US citizenship.  This means you have to abide by the laws of the country you are living in, as well as, by the laws of the United States of America.  If you do anything that is illegal in the US, even if it is legal in the country you are moving to, you could be charged in the United States.

In the United States we have a set of laws that guide our nation.  As part of the federal law, states are give all of the rights that are not reserved by the federal government.  Europe is different.  They have unified in some ways, but each country is different.  You have to learn the laws and customs of the particular country you move to.

Being far away from home is probably the hardest thing to deal with.  Unless you know a lot of people in your new country, it can be a little lonely at times.  But, if you make an effort to get out and meet people you should do fine.  Most European countries are friendly toward Americans, as long as you don’t act obnoxious.

Moving To Europe From The USA

photo by albertan

We are all use to having Walmart, Target, and other conveniences close by.  In some parts of Europe you will not find these kinds of conveniences so close.  If you are from the country, this may not seem like anything.  But if you are from the city, it could take some adjusting.

Moving to Europe can be fun.  Just be sure you research everything before you go.  Be ready to learn some new things and make new friends.  You will do fine.

Cheap Movers

Choosing a moving company is an important decision.  You want to make sure your things are moved safely and timely.  You also don’t want to pay to much for the move.  Should you use cheap movers or is paying for the most expensive movers the right way to go.

I don’t think you can base your decision on price alone.  Choosing a company just because it is cheap can lead you into big trouble.  It is can be like buying the cheapest television in the store.  It may seem like a good deal, but a year after you have bought it and it won’t work anymore, you will know that you should have spent a little more money.

Likewise, just because a company cost a lot of money, it doesn’t mean they are a good company.  There are some really bad companies in many industries, including moving, that are very expensive.  The more services you get, the more you are going to pay.  That logically makes sense.  If you get a full service mover who packs, ships, and unpacks everything, then you are going to pay more.  Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  If the services listed in a quote are different, then you have to calculate that difference.

You also have to look at the speed of a company.  One thing that may make a company cheaper than another is that they are not very fast.  One reason for this could be that they have many customers and cannot service them all.  The less they charge, the more volume they have to do to make a profit.  But they could be very good at handling the volume and actually deliver you things in a better time than a more expensive company.

What I am trying to say here is, don’t let the price, whether high or low, dictate to you if a company is good or not.  Decide on all of the services you want done for you.  Shop around for different companies.  Compare their prices to one another.  Make sure you read reviews.  Because this is such an important purchase, I feel it would be in your best interest to ask the moving companies that you are considering to give you a few of their past customers to interview.  The key to getting all of the information is to ask for satisfied customers and dissatisfied customers.  Allow each party, especially in the case of the dissatisfied customers, to tell their side of the story and then decide which company you want to go with.

In the end, make sure you are getting what you pay for.  Don’t choose a cheap mover just for the sake of going cheap.  Also, don’t pick an expensive mover just because they have a high price tag.

Moving to Florida

We’re moving to Florida.  That’s what we said the last time we visited Orlando.  We went in the Spring and the weather was so nice.  There was so much to do and see.  There are a lot of nice neighborhoods with some really nice houses.  We were beside ourselves.

Well, we didn’t make the move, but we did have a really good time.  We went to, of course, Disney World, Dave and Busters, shopping, and site seeing.  I would have to say the highlight of the trip was Disney and the home we rented.  We were able to go to the Disney parks for four days.  We rented a nice five bedroom home for only $600 for six days.  Most of the other houses this size were renting for well over $1000.

What we really liked about the Orlando area was how clean it was and how much there was to do there.  This may be because we are not from there and our perception was a little skewed, but it certainly seemed nice.  There seem to be a lot of people employed and not a lot of run down areas.  Now, we didn’t go through the whole city, so I can’t say that all of the city is that way.

I think the negatives of the Orlando, Florida area are the mosquitoes, hurricanes, and the hot weather.  Mosquitoes are not pleasant anywhere, but they are pretty bad in Florida because of all the swamps.  You can keep them away with mosquito spray or Skin So Soft from Avon (that’s a little known trick).  Hurricanes are never any fun, but at least you have more warning than if a tornado was coming.  Hot weather in Florida is like being in a sauna.  You feel like you can’t get it off of you.

Give the pros and cons, though, Florida seems like a nice place to move to.  Every place has its pluses and minuses.  I think that the pluses in Florida, specifically, out weigh the minuses.  If you are looking to move, check Florida out.  I think you will enjoy it.  Take yourself a trip down to Orlando.  If nothing else, you can at least see Mickey Mouse and enjoy a good time with your family.

As for us, we won’t be moving to Florida anytime soon, but will be thinking about it.  And maybe next time we are down there we will see you poking your head around the Orlando area.

Pickup Truck Rental Unlimited Mileage

When you rent a pickup truck do you need one with unlimited mileage? There are a lot of factors at play when making that decision. I would like to give you some tips that may help you make up your mind.

I have helped many people move. Everyone has an idea of how much stuff they have and how much effort it will take to move it, including how many trips it will take. If you have this all figured out then you can definitely make a determination as to how many miles you are going to drive when you rent a pickup truck. But if you end up making more trips than you originally estimated, you will pay more.

To determine if you need a truck rental with unlimited mileage, calculate how much stuff you have to move. Divide everything into potential truck loads. Look carefully at how you divide it up and make sure it will fit.

It is not really good to over or under estimate. If you decide to pay by the mile and over estimate, then you will not get a refund and will have paid too much. If you don’t pay for enough miles and have selected to pay by the mile, then you will pay a premium for the extra miles you drive in the pickup.

Conversely, if you go with a pickup truck rental unlimited mileage and only use a small amount of miles, you may be over paying. You should calculate all of the possible scenarios and determine which will be most beneficial to you. Also, be sure to include the cost of gas or diesel in your computation. Although diesel cost more than gas in most places, diesel can pull heavier loads more efficiently.

Another thing to look at in determining whether you should pay by the mile or get an unlimited mileage pickup rental is the possible routes you will take to move. Some routes are longer than other, so you should use mapping software to determine which is the shortest. You also should check with the department of transportation in the areas where you will be traveling to see if there will be any road closers. One road closer could cost you big time if you are paying by the mile.

When you are renting the pickup truck you will have to sign a contract. Make sure you understand all of the terms before you sign it or you could end up paying for some extra miles, even if you thought the rental was an unlimited mileage rental.

Another option is to rent a van to move your things.

Moving Out of Parents House Checklist

Moving out of your parents house can be different than moving out of your own place.  This is because you usually don’t have many of the things you will need in your new place.  Here is a checklist for moving out of your parents house.  We also have a moving out of your parents house checklist printable pdf.


  • Toilet Paper
  • Towels
  • Soap, Shampoo, and Conditioner
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Floor mats
  • Shower curtain
  • Blow dryer


  • Kitchen table and chairs
  • Sofa
  • Bed and Bedding (Sheets, Blanket, and Pillow)
  • Desk and chair

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Mop and bucket
  • Sponges
  • Floor cleaner
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Duster
  • Vacuum


  • Clothing
  • Deodorant


  • Tool box with assorted screwdrivers and wrenches
  • Flashlight
  • Matches and candles
  • Air Freshener
  • Food and drink
  • Alarm clock
  • Telephone
  • Computer
  • Books

Use this checklist to help you prepare for your move out of your parents house and remember, they will always be your parents.  So, if you forget something, don’t be afraid to ask for their help.  They will understand.

Cheapest way to move across the country

Moving across country can be very expensive. Let us show you the cheapest way to move across the country.

  1. Get rid of everything and restart at your new location.   Classified sites like craigslist make it easy to sell your larger belongings for a decent price.  You can have a garage sale or if you have time list some of your things on ebay.
  2. Rent a truck and move everything yourself.  A large cost of using a moving company is the labor to move everything.  If you have to move large items like furniture and a refrigerator, you could enlisted a friend to help and pay their way back.  Or you could find someone local that you could pay for the day.  Either way should be much cheaper than paying a moving company.
  3. Use a container/storage service.  These services drop a container off at your home.  You pack it and they pick it up.  They can store it in a warehouse for a time if you need them to.  This gives you time to setup other things before you have to unpack your home in your new location.  For long moves they can haul them on a truck or put them on a train.
  4. Sell all of the large stuff.  Pack your car with a much as you can and ship the rest through a parcel service like UPS or FedEx.
  5. Ship all of your books, videos, and other media via the United States Postal Service media mail.
  6. Tune up your car or truck before the move.  Changing spark plugs, air filter, and other parts as needed can be a huge money saver during your move across country.  You also get the added benefit of saving during your driving after the move.  Now that’s cheap.
  7. Look for gas prices online for the best prices all along the route you will travel.  Gas stations in the same area can have vastly different prices.  And gas along interstates can be very high.  Going of the highway just a little can save you  a lot.

Employ as many money saving and time saving tips as you can find. This will ensure you will experience the cheapest way to move across the country.