Piano Movers

Moving a piano takes skills.   You should hire professional piano movers for a number of reasons.  Your piano is very heavy and irregularly shaped.  Your piano needs to be protect properly to keep it from the different elements that arise during moving.  A regular moving company doesn’t have the experience to move your piano the correct way.

Your piano is not like any other box, appliance, or piece of furniture you own.  It is heavy and has a unique shape to it.  This means you have to make the correct accommodations for moving it.  You do not want to stuff it in a moving truck and pack box around it.

You also have to be very careful when it is being moved to and from the truck, as well as, when it is in transit.  You have to wrap it correctly so it will not be scratched or broken.  You also have to be mindful of the temperature.  Extreme hot or cold conditions can make your piano warp.  Also, sudden changes in temperature can warp the wood.  The temperature has to be controlled at every point in the move.  If you turn the electricity of in your house or you new house doesn’t have the electricity turned on when the piano arrives,  it could be sitting in bad conditions.  Wrapping the piano correctly will insulate it.  Professional piano movers will know how to wrap your piano correctly.

Piano Movers


Regular moving companies are good at moving many things, but they usually are not equipped to move a piano properly.  If you are not careful, you could end up with your piano being damage and not even know it for a while.  If the wood in your piano warps because of improper moving, you may just think it is out of tune and then find out later that it will not tune no matter what you do.  It will be very hard to prove that the moving company caused the damage.

If your piano is old and you really don’t care to much about it, then you should move it yourself or have a regular moving company move it for you.  If you have a piano that is valuable to you and you don’t want to see it damage in a move, you should look for a professional moving company.  Search for moving companies and read reviews.  It is very easy to skip the research step after looking at a few websites and making a few phone calls, but it is in your best interest to spend some time doing the proper research.

Student Movers

Hiring student movers can save you money.  They are generally cheaper than higher professional movers.  But the question is, will you get the quality of professional movers if you use college student movers.

When I was in college I definitely needed extra money.  I also helped my fair share of people move.  I never equated making money with helping people move.  I had a truck and they needed to go somewhere.

The thing was when my friends and I helped someone move, which usually was another friend, we didn’t really know what we were doing.  We would pile everything into the back of the pickup truck anyway it would fit.  This usually resulted in things moving around and ultimately breaking.  We also would lay appliances, like refrigerators, down.  We did not know that the oil in the compressor would move around, and sometimes leak out.  We also didn’t secure everything and would have things fly off the truck.  You would think that after a few times of it happening, we would make sure it didn’t, and with somethings we did.

The truth was, we were not professional movers, we were college students, just like college students in Houston, Denver, or any other part of the country.  Now, if we had been guided by a mentor, someone who new the business and made sure we were doing things the right way, we could have been really good at moving.

I think that college students can do a good job at moving your house, office, or what ever you are moving.  I just believe that they have to have guidance.  I mean if you really think about it, some of our best military equipment is moved and used by college age men and women.  Under the right guidance, with the proper training, they can do extraordinary things.

There are also those few college students who excel at organizing, planning, and understanding the proper way things should be done.  These type of students have the ability to lead other student movers into doing excellent work.

So, my advice is proceed with caution if you are thinking of using student movers.  I believe students, with the right leader, can do very good work.  I would say do the same amount of due diligence you would use in selecting any mover.  Look for reviews from former customers, search the web for information about them, make sure you both have an understanding of the process and who is responsible should things not go according to plan.  The best way to do this is to have a contract in place.  If any mover will not give you that, then you should steer clear of them, even student movers.

Moving to Florida

We’re moving to Florida.  That’s what we said the last time we visited Orlando.  We went in the Spring and the weather was so nice.  There was so much to do and see.  There are a lot of nice neighborhoods with some really nice houses.  We were beside ourselves.

Well, we didn’t make the move, but we did have a really good time.  We went to, of course, Disney World, Dave and Busters, shopping, and site seeing.  I would have to say the highlight of the trip was Disney and the home we rented.  We were able to go to the Disney parks for four days.  We rented a nice five bedroom home for only $600 for six days.  Most of the other houses this size were renting for well over $1000.

What we really liked about the Orlando area was how clean it was and how much there was to do there.  This may be because we are not from there and our perception was a little skewed, but it certainly seemed nice.  There seem to be a lot of people employed and not a lot of run down areas.  Now, we didn’t go through the whole city, so I can’t say that all of the city is that way.

I think the negatives of the Orlando, Florida area are the mosquitoes, hurricanes, and the hot weather.  Mosquitoes are not pleasant anywhere, but they are pretty bad in Florida because of all the swamps.  You can keep them away with mosquito spray or Skin So Soft from Avon (that’s a little known trick).  Hurricanes are never any fun, but at least you have more warning than if a tornado was coming.  Hot weather in Florida is like being in a sauna.  You feel like you can’t get it off of you.

Give the pros and cons, though, Florida seems like a nice place to move to.  Every place has its pluses and minuses.  I think that the pluses in Florida, specifically, out weigh the minuses.  If you are looking to move, check Florida out.  I think you will enjoy it.  Take yourself a trip down to Orlando.  If nothing else, you can at least see Mickey Mouse and enjoy a good time with your family.

As for us, we won’t be moving to Florida anytime soon, but will be thinking about it.  And maybe next time we are down there we will see you poking your head around the Orlando area.

Refrigerated Truck Rental

If you are moving something that needs to be refrigerated and you are only moving it once, or if you are getting into a business that will only need to use a refrigerated truck every so often, then you should get a refrigerated truck rental.  A refrigerated truck rental will be better for you because they are expensive to buy, they must be maintained, and you must run them often of you could risk the refrigeration motor seizing.

Buying a refrigerated truck will cost you a significant amount of money.  Trucks are expensive as it is, but when you add an insulated box and a refrigeration unit to it, it is going to be very expensive.  Also, you will not want to use the truck for none refrigerated stuff because you risk damaging the truck with something that it was not intended to carry and it is going to burn more gas than a truck its size that doesn’t have a refrigerated box on it.

Refrigerated trucks require additional maintenance.  The inside of the refrigerated box must be kept clean and dry.  Moisture and dirt could cause mold to grow which may cause a health hazard.  The refrigeration unit must also be maintained.  The unit should be serviced every year.  If a part breaks, like a fan motor, it could cost you a lot.  You must also maintain a clean filter or you will cause the unit to work harder than it should and eventually you will damage it.

Like any motor, you must keep it operational. This requires running it often to keep the parts inside the motor from locking up.  Basically, the parts become “frozen” together and cannot move when you try to start it.  If the parts are then force to move, they could break.  The best way to keep this from happening is to run the motor often.

If you are going to use a refrigerated truck regularly, you should invest in one.  But, if you only need to use one sometimes, it will be best if you get a refrigerated truck rental.  You will save on the cost of buying and maintaining it.

Pickup Truck Rental Unlimited Mileage

When you rent a pickup truck do you need one with unlimited mileage? There are a lot of factors at play when making that decision. I would like to give you some tips that may help you make up your mind.

I have helped many people move. Everyone has an idea of how much stuff they have and how much effort it will take to move it, including how many trips it will take. If you have this all figured out then you can definitely make a determination as to how many miles you are going to drive when you rent a pickup truck. But if you end up making more trips than you originally estimated, you will pay more.

To determine if you need a truck rental with unlimited mileage, calculate how much stuff you have to move. Divide everything into potential truck loads. Look carefully at how you divide it up and make sure it will fit.

It is not really good to over or under estimate. If you decide to pay by the mile and over estimate, then you will not get a refund and will have paid too much. If you don’t pay for enough miles and have selected to pay by the mile, then you will pay a premium for the extra miles you drive in the pickup.

Conversely, if you go with a pickup truck rental unlimited mileage and only use a small amount of miles, you may be over paying. You should calculate all of the possible scenarios and determine which will be most beneficial to you. Also, be sure to include the cost of gas or diesel in your computation. Although diesel cost more than gas in most places, diesel can pull heavier loads more efficiently.

Another thing to look at in determining whether you should pay by the mile or get an unlimited mileage pickup rental is the possible routes you will take to move. Some routes are longer than other, so you should use mapping software to determine which is the shortest. You also should check with the department of transportation in the areas where you will be traveling to see if there will be any road closers. One road closer could cost you big time if you are paying by the mile.

When you are renting the pickup truck you will have to sign a contract. Make sure you understand all of the terms before you sign it or you could end up paying for some extra miles, even if you thought the rental was an unlimited mileage rental.

Another option is to rent a van to move your things.

Lift Gate Truck Rental

A lift gate truck rental can be a big help if you need to load and unload very heavy things on to the truck.  You can rent lift gate trucks with or without a ramp.  I have a few stories about times I should have had a lift gate truck and I didn’t.

I remember when I was younger I helped my cousins husband move somethings.  I drove my truck to the house they were moving from and someone helped me put the washer and dryer onto the truck.  I drove to their new house and got her husband.  He was a really big fellow.  He custom built motorcycles and was fairly strong.  I figured the two of us could get these appliances down without much trouble.  But I did warn him that they were heavy and that we should be careful.  He went out the house before I did.

When I came out of the house to help him unload the washer and dryer, I was shock to see him bear hugging the washing machine as it sat on the edge of the tailgate of my truck.  I figured there was no way he was going to move it by himself, but that’s just what he did.  I would not have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.  He lifted that washer off of the truck and carried it across the yard and brought it into the house.  He was like a lift gate.

The next time I should have had a lift gate truck rental was when I moved a huge refrigerator.  I strapped it to a hand truck and a friend and I put it on my pickup truck.  The problem I had was that there was not going to be anyone at my destination to help me get it off the truck.  I was sure I could do it by myself without damaging the refrigerator.

When I got to the new house I really wasn’t sure how I was going to get it down.  I decided I would hold the handles of the hand truck and lower it down.  Well, this didn’t work out to well.  I started to slide the refrigerator down the tail gate when I realized it was much heavier than I had thought.  It was too late by this time, it was headed for the ground.  The hand tuck slipped from my hands and the refrigerator slammed to ground.

Conversion Van Rental the Fun Way

Growing up we never had the luxury of riding in a conversion van.  We knew a few people that had them, but I had only seen the inside of one until I was 23 years old.  My first trip in a conversion van was awesome and when I was ready to rent a van to travel across country, the first thing I looked into was a conversion van rental.  Let me tell you why.

That first trip was a three hour trip to a camp ground.  I remember how impressed I was when I entered the van.  And I remember how comfortable the back seat felt as it seemed to mold around my back and legs.  It felt like I was sitting in a recliner in my living room.  The chairs swiveled, reclined, and had armrest.  The ceiling was high enough for us to stand up without hitting our heads.  Usually I get some amount of car sickness when I ride in any kind of vehicle, but in this conversion van I felt great.  I remember talking, laughing, eating, and just having loads of fun without any sickening feeling.  It was great.

Well, when I investigate getting a conversion van rental I was disappointed to find that the major rental companies don’t rent conversion vans.  This is because they are too expensive to buy and maintain.  That’s when I remembered another ride I took in a large comfortable vehicle.

This time we were heading to the State Penitentiary to minister to prisoners.  A good friend of mine had just assumed the note on a Ford Expedition.  Prior to this ride, I never been in any luxury SUV.  I had no idea how much space was in the inside of this thing.  The chairs and ride were just as comfortable as the conversion van.  The best thing was that rental companies do rent luxury SUVs out.  So, if you are looking for a conversion van rental and can’t find one, my advice would be to rent a luxury SUV.

10 Passenger Van Rental or Not?

If you are looking for a 10 passenger van rental, you have three options.  There are a few factors involved in choosing the right option.  You can rent a 12 passenger van, you can rent two smaller passenger vans, or you can rent a mini bus.  The larger passenger van rental vs the two smaller van rentals is one you should decide on early.  The first factor deals with safety.  The second is about organization.

Anytime you set out on an adventure you want to be safe.  This holds true when you are renting a 10 passenger van, a larger passenger van, or a smaller van like a 7 passenger van rental.  Smaller vans are easier to handle and generally safer.  They will perform better in all conditions.  They also have better rollover ratings than their larger counterparts.  You should check for the specific make and model you are going to rent to find out the specific crash ratings

The larger passenger van seems ideal because your group can be together and the two smaller van option requires you to have two drivers.  Sometimes groups want to stay together when they are traveling.  When we were in China we had a small group and always stayed together when we were traveling from one city to the other, but on some of the day outings we would split up into small groups.  We didn’t need vehicles for moving around the cities and towns.  We just used taxis and the subway system in major cities and we walked in smaller towns.

Two or more vehicles can provide you with the ability to have different groups go to different locations.  This can be ideal because not everyone wants to go to the same place everyday.

A mini bus rental, in my opinion, is the best option for groups larger than 8.  It will provide you with safe travel, allow you to stay together, and they are affordable.

Which every way you choose to move your group of 10 passengers, please be safe.

17, 18, 20 Passenger Van Rental Considerations

There are a good bit of people looking for 17, 18, and 20 passenger van rentals.  Our research has shown that the best vehicle to rent, if you have more than 9 passengers to seat, is a small bus.  There are several reasons you should rent a bus instead of a van for a large group of passengers.

Buses are designed to carry large groups of people.  The wheel base is wider on buses.  And in most cases, they have dual tires in the back which provide better traction are safer when there is a blowout.  Buses are also designed to be better in crashes than large vans.

Most large vans are designed with a thin shell on the outside and very little fortification for rollovers.  This can cause the exterior to crumble in a crash and passengers can be seriously injured.  A bus does not guarantee that no one will be seriously injured if there is a crash, it only greatly lessens the possibility.

Large Passenger VAn

Large passenger van. Photo credit: Fairchild Air Force Base

To our knowledge, there are no manufactures making 17 – 20 passenger vans.  Do not be tempted to overload a smaller van.  This is very dangerous and could make it very hard for the driver to control the van.  In addition, the heavy weight could cause the tires to become overheated and blowout.

A small bus will allow you, your friends, and your family to travel in comfort.  It will also provide you the opportunity to travel together and arrive safely.   If a bus is not an option,  you should look at renting a few smaller vans.  Smaller vans will provide the safety you need and will also give you a few vehicles to drive around your destination.  This is what we did in Hawaii and it worked out great.

We had two vans.  It was probably the best decision we could have made.  On some days we went as a group to the beach or some other place.  On other days we would split up and take the two vans to different places.

Large Passenger Van Rental

Here are somethings to consider if you are looking for a large passenger van rental.

Large passenger van sizes

  • 12 passenger van
  • 15 passenger van
  • 17, 18, 20 passenger vans (Rent a small bus)


Large passenger vans are known to have safety concerns.  There are some steps that can be taken to mitigate the potential danger.  If possible, it may be better to rent a bus or several smaller vans.

  • Do not overload the van with people or supplies.
  • Check the tire pressure before setting out and periodically throughout long trips to make sure the tire pressure is correct.
  • Maintain good tires.
  • Outfit the rear wheels with dual tires.  This will help distribute the weight evenly.
  • Do not speed.