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One Way Moving Truck Rental

In many cases, you do not want to return to your point of origin after moving.  This is when you will need a one way moving truck rental.  This type of rental allows you to move your things, usually a great distance, and not return the truck to the place you picked it up.

National truck rental companies offer this service.  The price will vary depending on where you are picking the truck up and where you will be leaving it.  You may want to check with the truck rental company to see if you can pick up or drop off in a location that is a little further than your exact moving from or to location.  This may save you some money.

Moving Truck Insurance

When you are moving, it is vital that you protect yourself and your property.  Moving truck insurance can be confusing.  If you are using a moving company, they should have insurance, but don’t assume that everything is covered; ask to be sure.  If you are renting a truck, then you should ask the rental company for insurance.  Your personal insurance, in some states, give you coverage, but it may not be enough or the right type of coverage.  Check with your insurance provider to be sure that the rental truck is covered.

Be sure the following is protected by your moving truck insurance

  • Bodily injury to yourself or someone else
  • The rental truck if it is hit by someone
  • If you hit someone or something
  • All of you content
  • If a driver hits you and they are not insured
  • Theft

Also, you have to remember that some states are “no fault states”, like Hawaii, or may have limited laws.  You will need to understand the insurance laws in the states you will be passing through if you want to be thorough.

Pack Your Moving Truck the Right Way


photo by Jurvetson (flickr)

Packing a moving truck isn’t rocket science, but you will need to take some thought about how you are going to place your things before you start.  Planning and organizing, putting things in their right place and securing them will help insure your things make it to your new home without damage.

Plan First, Attack Second

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”

A. A. Milne – creator of Winnie the Pooh

Try to plan carefully before you start, you really don’t want to take everything out because you forgot to put something in early.  That’s why I recommend you use a good checklist and inventory everything before doing any packing.

Sofa Segments packed in the truck

Once you have sorted everything out and determined what you are going to move and what you are going to sell or give away, you need to plan how you will pack the truck. You may want to ask the truck rental company for a guide on how to pack a moving truck diagram. They may have them for the specific type of truck you are renting. Nevertheless, you will have to customize the plan for you needs.

When packing the truck, you will want to think about the overall weight of your load. All trucks have a load rating and you need to make sure you do not exceed that rating. You also need to think about the distribution of the load. The truck should be able to handle the load however you divide it up, but it will make driving, and more importantly, control, far better if you make sure you distribute the weight as evenly as possible in the truck. In most cases, this will happen naturally by following the guidelines set above, but give it a little thought to be sure.

If your truck has a mom’s attic, you may want to put fragile items in it. Pad it with cushions or other soft things and make sure everything is secure before loading the big stuff.

Put larger items in first. Make sure you wrap anything that can be scratched or broken. Moving blankets are a necessity for larger items that may shift. It is probable best to start with your washer, dryer and refrigerator. Then load heavier furniture. Put your mattresses and table against the side walls of the truck standing on their sides Create rows, filling the gaps between furniture with boxes, cushions, and odd shaped items. Use straps and nets to hold furniture and rows together. Try to finish one row before you start another one. The thing you are really going for here is to not have your things move all over the place and break.

Moving Companies Phoenix

Here is a list of moving companies in Phoenix, AZ.  You will also find Gilbert, Glendale, and Scottsdale moving companies. We are sure you will find out list of Phoenix movers useful.   Some of them are moving storage Phoenix companies in addition to being Phoenix movers.

Phoenix Moving Companies

Camelback Moving
2017 North Dayton Street, Phoenix, AZ
(602) 564-6683

Father and Son Moving and Storage
1711 West Buckeye Road, Phoenix, AZ
(602) 257-8800

Topline Movers
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 477-1777

First Choice Moving and Storage
2804 North 29th Avenue #102, Phoenix, AZ
(602) 353-1400

Alliance Professional Moving & Storage
107 East Pioneer Street, Phoenix, AZ
(602) 276-5000

Allstar Metro Movers
600 West Hatcher Road, Phoenix, AZ
(602) 943-3800

Gilbert Moving Companies

Got It Insured Movers
125 East Guadalupe Road, Gilbert, AZ
(602) 492-9794

Always Professional In Moving, Inc.
1440 West Houston Avenue #1, Gilbert, AZ
(480) 633-5555

Scottsdale Moving Companies

DiMura’s Moving Services
7024 East Osborn Road, Scottsdale, AZ
(480) 421-2087

Glendale Moving Companies

Allstar Metro Movers
5806 W. Market Street, Glendale, AZ
(623) 298-0723

Rent a cargo van unlimited mileage

If you are going to rent a cargo van your best bet is to rent a cargo van with unlimited mileage. Cargo vans are good for moving small – medium rooms, small apartments, lots of boxes, and a whole array of nicknack stuff.
Different types of cargo van rentals
Cargo vans can be rented usually in three different ways. The first way is to rent it by the hour. The second way to pay by the mile. The third way is to rent a cargo van with unlimited mileage.
Rent by the hour
You will find that there are some companies that will rent by the hour and others that won’t. You will have to call around and see who offers this rental option if you are considering it. Renting a cargo van by the hour is convenient if you are only moving a few small loads between locations that are nearby.
Pay by the mile
With pay by the mile plans, you can have a straight x-amount of dollars per mile contract or buy the initial miles in a bulk lot and pay if you go over the limit. It is kind of like a cell phone contract. For example, you get 400 miles for $500 dollars, then each mile after that is priced per mile or sold in separate blocks. This method of renting a cargo van can be good if you know close to the exact amount of miles you will need to travel. The thing you have to be careful with is that you can over or under estimate. If you overestimate the miles then you will have wasted miles and money. The same is true if you underestimate, but many time the premium on the miles over is far greater than the price per mile in the initial block of miles purchased. This is purposely done so that you will buy more miles than need so that you don’t accidently go over. If you can find a contract that lets you roll into the next block of miles just by the occurence of the miles going over without incurring any penalty fees than this will provide you the most value. Also keep in mind that renting a cargo van by the mile works best if you are going to return the cargo van to the location you rented it from. If you are making a one way cargo van rental, then you will have to pay a premium for not returning the cargo van to its original location.

Moving Trucks Can Be Susceptible To Theft

You have to think about a lot of things when you are moving. One thing you do not want to over look is securing your belongs while you are traveling. You are carrying your most precious possessions with you. If you park your moving truck and leave it unattended, then all of your memories could be ripped from you in an moment.

Things to look out for

  • Park in a well lite area.  It is much easier for a thief to work in the dark than in the light.
  • Know your surroundings before you leave the vehicle.  Is the area you are stopped at prone to theft.  I personally know several people that were inside of stores, not 20 ft from their stuff, and had it stolen.
  • Use alarms systems to alert people around and scare the would be thief into hopefully leaving without any of your stuff.  Many moving trucks don’t come with alarms, but you can purchase small personal alarms that will let out a load noise if someone opens the door.
  • Put a tracking device on the vehicle.  I don’t know if the moving truck companies are using tracking devices on there vehicles to locate them if one is stolen, but they should.  You may be able to attach something to the vehicle while it is in you possession in case it does get taken.

Moving should be about picking up and planting yourself somewhere else.  But you always want to maintain the memories that you have build throughout your life.  Having someone take that all away is a tragedy.  Don’t let it happen to you.  Be safe and secure your belongings while you are moving.  Below are some videos about theft and securing your things during a move.

Truck can be opened and started with any key

The man in this video shows how a truck can be opened and started with a key that doesn’t belong to the truck.  This is very disturbing.  Make sure this isn’t possible with the truck you rent.

Where to Get Moving Boxes

I don’t know about you, but I would rather get free boxes for moving instead of paying for them. And it’s not very hard, but you do have to do some work.  This will make it cheaper to move in the long run.

Boxes are found everywhere, but the best place to get free ones are small stores. Large department stores tear and press there boxes for destruction or recycling. You can get boxes from these places, but you have to be their when they are emptied. This is not very convenient. Smaller stores, on the other hand, usually dispose of their boxes in a dumpster at the back of the shop.

You can ride around the back of almost any retail store and see boxes that are being discarded. The problem with doing this is you don’t know what days they are going to get rid of boxes. But like many problems, this one is easily solvable. Ask the store manager when their shipments come in. Then politely ask if they would save them or is it okay if you go behind the store and take them. I have found vitamins shops and small general stores to have the best selection.

You can also get free boxes from the United States Post Office, but these boxes can only be used to ship stuff with their service.

If you don’t know where to get free moving boxes, you can them for a good prices through a local box company.  Local box companies usually deal only in boxes and packing supplies.  The do high volume and in many cases are the ones making the boxes.  In New Orleans we have Nola Box company.  They always have misprinted boxes from commercial print runs.  They sell these boxes at a deep discount because they are useless to many of their commercial clients.  Even if the box company doesn’t have any misprinted boxes, their prices are a lot better than buying boxes from a moving supply store or a department store.  The one caveat is you usually have to buy a certain amount to get the best price.

Ebay is another good place to get moving boxes.  The question you have to ask yourself is, “Is the cost of the boxes plus shipping from the seller cheaper than just buying the boxes from a local moving supply store or box company?”

You can also rent storage bins from some companies for moving.  This may be cheaper than buy boxes retail, but I think some of the choices above for getting moving boxes are far better.  Plus, you get to keep your things in the boxes as long as you want if you own the boxes.  If you are renting them, then you have to either give them back or pay more money.  Also, for me, I would wonder how sanitary are the boxes.  Who else was moving stuff in these boxes and what were they putting in them.

Some moving companies may offer you a package rate that includes moving boxes.  I am not familiar with any such promotions that are on going, but you may want to check.

You can also barrow boxes from your friends and family.  Most of us have boxes and plastic bins laying around from previous moves.  I’m sure if you contact a few of them you can get enough together to pack your things into.  Just make sure you get them back to them in a reasonable amount of time

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